Monday, June 1, 2009

rainy days

Voila my lovely new gift from my bf's mom! She found this fantastic little bouclé skirt suit with fox fur trim. She has the ultimate eye for great garage sale finds and found this one the other day, which she quite promptly handed over to me, despite the fact that she has two very cool fashionable daughters.
I was at a loss for speech. Basically I just g
iggled and blushed and was unable to form actual words.

I'm currently working on a series of little mini projects, including a line of reworked vintage clothing. My 'business partner' and I go on little trips down to Value Village, Chinatown, or Kensington Market and search for garments with good quality fabrics, silk scarves to use as trims, vintage metal zippers, and zillions of buttons. My room literally looks like a sweatshop.
On my table are three machine, two sewing, one serger, a giant bag piled high with vintage fabrics rests in the corner, beside several smaller bags filled with knicknacks.
On my closet door hangs a variety of pattern blocks, cut out of hardpaper, our basic templates for the clothes.
What I love about these kinds of projects is being surrounded by STUFF. You can feel everything coming together and forming thousands of new possibilities: a metal zipper jauntily dashes up a Chanel-esque pink tweed skirt, vintage brass buttons flit across a cashmere sweater, the collar laced with organza.
My mom has a good friend who works at the Royal Ontario Museum in the textiles department. I must have a go and look at all those vintage finds for inspiration. Cannot wait.

skirt suit, vintage; white tee, Urban Outfitters; black diy ripped jeans, J Brand; random black shoes.

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