Monday, June 15, 2009


blazer, Forever21; striped tee, H&M; shorts, Gap; shoes, from Paris; fedora, UO.

Bonjour mes amies!
I have decided to be très French today oui oui since French people are just automatically way more fashionable than the entire rest of the world. So I am une mademoiselle for today. Baguette! Croissant! Piscine! Bibliothèque!

Ps. I actually do speak french. So I'm not THAT much of a poseur....

Me and my co-designer had a LOOOOONG day of work. Lots of ridiculous mistakes involving an evil printer which I am no longer speaking to. We ended the day with a lovely Iced Chai and biscotti (for me) at Crema, a lovely fair trade organic coffee shop in the Junction, a surprisingly undiscovered area of Toronto.

Now I am awaiting the delicious aroma of homemad
e burgers, lounging outside with my mum, pretending to be in the south of France... Ha. I'll just wear more striped shirts and eventually it'll be like I'm really there!

Also feeling quite inspired by Scott Schuman's lovely Governor's Island photos:

The Sartorialist


  1. You do look very french and I've been loving Scott's Governors Island photos, too :-)

  2. love the hat + stripes + shorts combo - you look super chic