Sunday, August 29, 2010

flying circus

souvenirs, dream walking society

Saturday, August 28, 2010

auburn and ivory

Sooo much to do... I am really just procrastinating by sitting around uploading photos of myself onto the internet.
Wearing a Covet dress, Aldo shoes, La Mer watch.
Okay, okay, I'll go do my work now.

Friday, August 27, 2010

belle époque pt 3

the Balanchine velvet/chiffon gown

I've finally finished my Belle Époque collection and can't wait to mail it off tomorrow!
I think I'm happy with it... although I might change my mind the next day and think its all complete crap. Evidence of this phenomenon: the first illustration is actually on a background of another piece I did a few days ago. Realizing that I actually hated it, the poor drawing met its sad ending when I spontaneously ripped it from its background. Ripped with hatred.
Well, the Nuit Blanche judges better not think its complete crap...
On the other hand, I haven't even allowed the thought that if I get selected I might have to actually make any of these pieces to enter my brain... All I'll have is one month to sew up a damn complicated mini collection! Any sewing volunteers?

the Pierina velvet coat dress

the Degas organza/lace dress

Seurat organza tunic & Margot velvet/chiffon skirt

the Sylphide chiffon dress

the Toulouse wool coat

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I'm off to the cottage for my last little vacation of the summer before school starts YAY!
Just wanted to post some commissioned pieces I'm finishing up before I go...

Cathryn's dad... i love his posture in this!

Annie and Elia, the cutest siblings ever.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

belle époque pt 2

Just a couple more sketches for my Belle Époque collection.
As I type this, my keyboard is becoming increasingly covered in pink pastel... oops.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the society cup

Monday night was the Society Cup, a lovely little old fashioned lawn party which required guests to be dressed in their most pristine whites for an evening of such prep school classics as croquet, badminton, bocce ball, and tiny cucumber sandwiches a plenty!
I was lucky enough to get to tag along with the crew of Greta Constantine, dressed in one of their perfect little white dresses! So little was this dress that I couldn't quite bear to have my bottom hanging out and was forced to wear my white denim shorts with my outfit... Oh well! It made playing badminton that much easier!

The Gretas! I loved that crazy wing on my dress! So perfect for dancing to 80's pop songs!

Enjoying cupcakes and finger foods while watching a rather hil
arious bout of potato sack racing...

Click for more photos, including one of my lovely Greta Constantine dress!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

style stalker



My current fave style blog has got to be Variacje. I've been loving her sober and sophisticated combos of nautical stripes, black, white, and almost always just a touch of red. Her wardrobe is so well edited that she always looks completely herself, which is a strange thing to say since obviously I've never met her... but there's something about having a 'signature look' that exudes self-confidence and ease in one's own skin...
Her uniform of slick trouser, ladylike handbags, and chic Parisian stripes is so simple and masterful! Always impeccable.







Saturday, August 7, 2010

summertime and the livin' is easy

It's crazy how fast the summer is just slipping away, I feel like it's barely even begun! To repress my sadness over the end of summer (and beginning of school arg) I was nostalgically going through old photos of summers past and I found a couple of gems.
Good memories of potato salad picnics, midnight dress up parties, biking through the city, and just doing pretty much nothing overall. Makes me wanna jump in my car with a suitcase full of bathing suits and head to the ocean for a month. Oh well. I'll have to be content to sit around on my porch all day instead. Can't wait for tomorrow, hooray for having Sundays off!

Me today wearing my mom's lovely new lace top that I couldn't resist stealing and her black satin heels, Mango jeans, and Chanel sunglasses.