Sunday, May 31, 2009

feeling a little chloé

I was in the mood for a little girlish masculinity for this morning's Sunday brunch.
So hence came the inspired Chloé Prefall 2009 look.

One of my favourite things about design in general is juxtaposition.

Whether it's in interior design, architechture, art, style, food, ANYTHING, just inject a little opposite day. I love the idea of an incredibly beautiful and delicate watercolour depicting an aggressive subject. Or a feminine bow done in a thick wool à la Chloé.

The watercolour is mine from a series of watercolour fashion illustrations.
I think it's much more exciting to create something by mixing completely different elements of style and design.
The result is a true sum of its parts. Design that references the past, but captures the present.

And yes I did attempt a semi haircut inspired by Kim Noorda's blunt cut last night, as I could not bare to stare at my half grown out non-haircut for a minute more.

blazer, Forever21; top, Flumblin'Foe; trousers, Robert Rodriguez; shoes, BCBGirl; cuff, Brave; sunglasses, Chanel.

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