Sunday, June 7, 2009


I'm all about juxtaposition, as I've probably said before. Things that relate and oppose simultaneously, I guess. I love the beauty of a delicate Sunday afternoon floral, matched with the melancholic mood of a cemetery, like in Jalouse's April 08 spread.
I also love the intimacy of Degas's dancers, but with a cropped view and unfinished sketching. I forget where that inspired photograph above the Degas is from, but it captures that unfinished, subtle mood.
I adore the textures of the first photograph, which unfortunately I also totally forget where I got it from, as I have this huge folder on my computer full of random images.
The photo of Natalia by Scott Schuman is absolutely fascinating for its relationship between the viewer and the subject. It's one thing to be photographed, but it's another to be photographed, while being photographed, while sharing an intimate look with only one of the cameras. I think it's more interesting since it is quite candid, and not a styled editorial.

Well anyways, I'm back from a weekend-long dance festival, and I'm completely exhausted from watching so many beautiful inspired performances. Sitting in a chair watching crazy amazing contemporary dancers really drains you... ha.
So I'm off for Sunday dinner and a glass of champagne.

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