Monday, June 1, 2009

stripy stripes

inspired by the perfect pixie, the lovely Jean Seberg in À Bout De Souffle.

What I believe EVERYONE should own: the perfect striped tee. You're just not complete without. The ease of those Parisian women, with a loose fitting striped tee, and loose hair, they certainly are never a tired subject in the fashion world. Jean Seberg, although playing an American in Paris in the film, captures that natural ease and nonchalance. She reminds me of the pastel portrait Plum Brandy by Manet. An independent woman alone in a café, dreamily enjoying a cigarette and a drink. Is there a better way to live?

Jean Seberg

Here's everything I want. Included is that perfect striped sweater from A.P.C. . And since money is no object on the ever-so indulgent Polyvore, I threw in a little Balmain and Stella.

Now all I need to do is throw on my seemingly uncalculated, yet perfectly styled outfit, and head out to the nearest French bakery so that I may snack daintily on a chocolate croissant and drink an espresso. La dee da.

striped sweater, A.P.C.; leapord clutch, Jimmy Choo; jeans, Balmain; cuff, Chloé; blazer, See by Chloé; shorts, Vanessa Bruno; suede shoes, Surface to Air; lace bra, Stella McCartney; leather shoes, Balmain.

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