Thursday, June 11, 2009

she's back!

Alas! The wonderful Phoebe Philo has returned!
Having finally created the much-awaited, very sophisticated and matu
re Celine Resort 2010 collection, it's definitely been a long time without her.

A fantastic pump from the collection that I probably need to own.

I would definitely say that I'm an all-over Chloé girl, and I do enjoy what Hannah McGibbon has done with the last few collections... but I have to do t
he cliché fashion thing and stand by Phoebe Philo as my favourite Chloé designer... maybe even more than Karl.

Some of my personal favourites from Phoebe Philo for Chloé.

I just love her girlish flair! It's def something I aspire to create with my own designs/art. It's simultaneously young and still grown up.

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