Wednesday, January 18, 2012

rose-coloured has a wonderful feature called Design/Inspire, on which they feature various fashion students' work. I was lucky enough to be selected to contribute for their pink week!

Considering shades of rose are my favourite colours (you may have noticed), I was super excited to do a sort of self-portrait of myself in my favourite sweater...

I was also feeling a little Sonic Youth, given the best line ever from Dirty Boots is "pinking out the day/dreaming out the crazy way"

Dirty Boots - Sonic Youth

Here we go to another candle I know
All the girls there playin' on a jelly roll

Time to take a ride, time to take it in a midnite eye
And if you wanna go, get on below
Pinking out the day, dreaming out the crazy way
Finger on the love, it's all above

Everywhere it's six-sex-six by luck
A satellite wish will make it just enough
You'll be making out with a witch in a coffee truck

Time to rock the road and tell the story of the jelly rollin'
Dirty boots are on, hi di ho
Pinking out the black, dreaming in a crack
Satan got her tongue, now it's undone

I got some dirty boots
I got some dirty boots

Listen here

Saturday, January 14, 2012

the ghosts of memories past

I was debating whether or not I should post these, but I finally decided to...

I'm spending the year working on my thesis collection, which has grown out of an obsession with the french phenomenologist Gaston Bachelard. I'll admit to having only scratched the surface of understanding his writings, but what really hooked me was his link between the essential concept of the home and the experience of daydreaming. A sort of magical book, like a fairytale.

Anyways, after many months of editing, here are my final illustrations for the looks I will be completing over the next three months.

I hope you enjoy them.

Collection 01. The Solitude of Daydreams

Rare moments of self-reflection often come to us when we are alone.
In these moments, memories of people, places, feelings appear like ghosts and drift across one another. Like a montage in a film, these images of our memories become juxtaposed in a new and strange succession.

We relive intimate moments of home, feelings of comfort and safety, spaces where we have escaped into daydreams. As each new layer of memory becomes interlaced, a stream of vivid images constructs itself before our eyes. Familiarity clings to these images, until they are rendered unfamiliar in their juxtaposition.

Like a haunting from the past tinted with the colour of imagination, we experience

the daydream.






Also, I have updated my portfolio a bit, if you'd like to take a look.

Friday, January 13, 2012

art for contemporary ladies #2

Long raven hair and Raphael Kirchner

Perfect white and an unknown erotic nymph illustration

Gothic turban and an excavated wall at Pompeii

Calf length skirt and Harry Clarke

Rainy day outfit and Roger Rogue

Pink on white and Antoine Watteau

Ochre shorts and John Everett Millais

Jumping dove grey and black and Philip Alexius de Laszlo

All artworks via Lush Retina