Sunday, December 12, 2010

danier top ten!

So I've come to the last leg of the Danier Design Challenge!
We're down to the top ten and I need your support! Voting starts Monday December 13th at 7:00 pm!
Please vote for my jacket design by following
the link below and rating my video five stars!


Edit* me wearing my jacket this snowy morning!

Friday, December 10, 2010

annie and elia

As I was sitting here working on a new portrait, I suddenly realized I never uploaded one of the adorable siblings Annie and Elia that I did quite a while ago.
It has long since been finished and delivered to its owner, Kate, their mum.
Well here it is, I love the circus font and their pseudo matching outfits!
(Excuse my off-center cropping)

ink, watercolour, and graphite.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

oh darling

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My obsession with pink continues as my hair is yet again my favourite hue!
PS: EVERYONE on my Christmas list is getting their presents wrapped in lace and pink ribbon this year...
even my boyfriend.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

white hot

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I am the worst blogger, I know, I know.
Partly because I have been busy tearing my hair out over my leather jacket, partly because I have been busy
revisiting all my old Disney faves. Next on the list: Fantasia.
In other news, I love Ashley Smith's gap teeth and bleached eyebrows...
Can I get away with wearing white everyday?

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