Monday, May 24, 2010

workin' hard/hardly workin'

So basically I spend my only day off supposedly hard at work on my new graphic novel. I know what you're thinking. What a loser.
But I did take a lil' break to traipse around the backyard in my official outfit of the summer. I swear, I will be wearing this every s
ingle day. Not joking.
The denim romper is from Elroy, and the shoes are.... wait for it.... Joe Fresh! I know, I know, total Céline knockoffs. But hey, I figure I'd rather not spend five million dollars on something that is CLEARLY just a trend and to have it go out of style in about two months.
And honestly, who can tell? I seriously got about a thousand compliments on them! So I suggest you all run out to Joe Fresh and acquire a pair. Très comfortable.

The fabulous Céline clogs.

A mysterious cat appeared in our backyard, much to the aggravation of my dog.

And here's a page from the comic, coming along slowly but surely.


  1. you look stunning!
    love the shoes!
    & the page looks great... hope to see more!

  2. i toldya! celine right? i needs ta get me a pair!!

    ps. you look (as always) just aydorablee!

    x esme

  3. i love your graphic novel, steph!

  4. cute! awesome shoes, i would never have guessed!

    i love that you drew an owl on the oven mitt!

    xosam rice

  5. So cute! And again, amazing artwork!

  6. You look so pretty dear! And I love your romper :D Love that comic strip!