Wednesday, May 19, 2010

clothes i love

When I'm having a bit of a crap day, all I seem to want to do is stare at beautiful clothing.
Surprise surprise.
When I look at my closet, I feel that the once hundreds of hangers are now shrinking to a select few, maybe because I've finally curbed my spending habits (but I don't think that's it... ) or maybe because I find myself editing when I shop. I think part of it's to do with getting older, we
begin to selectively analyze what appeals to us and why it appeals to us.
I discover more and more as I sift through my closet (and the huuuugeee inspiration folder on my desktop) that I lean towards simple anomalies I guess. Normal but weird. Weird being something somehow unusual and unexpected.
Weirdness is what I think makes fashion exciting.

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