Sunday, May 2, 2010

something wearable

Worn Journal
is releasing their upcoming issue 10 with an adorable exhibition titled Pin Up, Party Down!
For those of you unfamiliar with Worn, it is a refreshingly original and... I want to say modest - modest because it doesn't flaunt itself - fashion journal that features fantastically creative artists, designers, writers, etc etc. I don't know if Worn is available outside of Canada, let alone outside of Toronto, but I highly recommend picking up a copy.
So for their little launch party and exhibition, they are auctioning off limited edition pins designed to the theme of 'something wearable'.
I was so excited when they asked me to design one for them!

Here are two little designs I put together, I thought I'd share em'. I'll post the party details soon, so you Torontonians can come out and party with Worn!

Love Goes, Style Stays - 17th Century stays drawn in ink and Photoshop colour

All Worn Out - Tap shoes drawn in ink and Photoshop colour

Which one do you like better?


  1. wow i absolutely love these!!
    they really look fantastic. i'm torn between them, so unfortunately I can't tell you which one i like better...

  2. oh! i love the first one! maybe because of corsetry class, but it's also a bit clever, i like that.

    :) i discovered your blog when it showed up on my facebook feed from tala commenting in your wall! i really like it, i've put you in my google reader. :) i hope you're having a lovely summer.

    -sam rice

  3. :) !!
    thanks so much for your comment, you're so nice!
    i am indeed having a lovely summer thus far, lots o working and such. hope you're doing good too!

  4. LOVE both of them - cute and clever - sorry, I can't decide between them ... although I suspect that "Worn" might like the second one just a bit better ... thanks for posting!