Saturday, May 8, 2010

inspiration: distressed

Nastasia Dusapin

Cobra Snake Helmut Lang

via Dream Walking Society

Juan Vidal

Mr Newton

Dazed and Confused May 2010

Gary Graham Fall 2010

via Wartime Recess

My current inspiration for an upcoming project: Distressed.
Why is it that ripped jeans cost more than unripped jeans? The handcrafting of a pair of distressed jeans is parallel to that of an haute couture gown - slashing, whiskering, bleaching, fading, stoning, washing, razoring, softening.... etc etc all extremely time consuming manual finishes. Entire subcultures in Japan are devoted to the art of destroying clothing.
Interesting, no? I like the idea that 'destruction' is now something that actually adds value to clothing. Perhaps my slashing project of a few weeks ago sparked this interest.

Would you pay 10 000 dollars for a ragged pair of jeans over a hand-beaded gown?
Net-A-Porter says so.
All their Balmain jeans are sold out.


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