Sunday, May 2, 2010

girlish frame

Rachel Comey by Hanneli

Miu Miu in Because Magazine

Sonia Rykiel

Alexa Chung by Hanneli

Nastasia Dusapin

Susan Cowie embroidery

Nastasia Dusapin

Marie Claire May 2010

Did a photoshoot today and the doll-like makeup made me want to be extremely girlish all of the sudden. I want delicate, fragile, little breakable things that fly, flutter, and fade. Like paper dolls and swimming in a dress and wearing clogs (!!??) and an outfit completely covered in tiny kitties.
Ps: those miu miu kitty print clogs just may be the only ones I can condone. Actually, I have to admit that I spent the other day trying on about seven pairs of Swedish Hasbeens and am currently talking myself into the Braided Sky High clogs! I've held out against clogs because of their apparent 'trendiness', but my ridiculous unyielding and sudden desire to own a pair has convinced me that I am in fact
a sucker.

Ah, gee.


  1. i love love love this photos!
    very nice all(:

  2. You should totally give clogs a try! I gave in, and i love mine- they're so cute and girly worn with little socks!
    loving these pictures- hanneli is an incredible style photographer!

  3. i knowwwww... wow. it is so nice that it is almost dangerous. but i have vowed to not spend money on clothes at the moment since i really want to have some travel money in case i want to take a spontaneous trip.

    hope you are doing well.. it's such a shame that after a few days of super sunshine it is now pouring and grey.