Friday, August 27, 2010

belle époque pt 3

the Balanchine velvet/chiffon gown

I've finally finished my Belle Époque collection and can't wait to mail it off tomorrow!
I think I'm happy with it... although I might change my mind the next day and think its all complete crap. Evidence of this phenomenon: the first illustration is actually on a background of another piece I did a few days ago. Realizing that I actually hated it, the poor drawing met its sad ending when I spontaneously ripped it from its background. Ripped with hatred.
Well, the Nuit Blanche judges better not think its complete crap...
On the other hand, I haven't even allowed the thought that if I get selected I might have to actually make any of these pieces to enter my brain... All I'll have is one month to sew up a damn complicated mini collection! Any sewing volunteers?

the Pierina velvet coat dress

the Degas organza/lace dress

Seurat organza tunic & Margot velvet/chiffon skirt

the Sylphide chiffon dress

the Toulouse wool coat


  1. If you need a hand I'd love to help! I love complicated puzzles like these. Your designs are all really beautiful, I think the Toulouse is my favourite.

  2. Love it Stef!! Good luck - I have no idea what this is for but I hope these illustrations become a reality!

  3. these are gorgeous! love the "Seurat organza tunic & Margot velvet/chiffon skirt"

    i would help but can't sew to save myself!

  4. aw thanks guys! sam, if i get in, i am definitely taking you up on that haha!