Thursday, August 5, 2010

prom dress

I don't really believe in buying things for occasions... I think it's always better to stumble upon a beautiful piece and wear it to death as opposed to buying something you're only gonna wear once. What's the fun in that?
Plus, I can neeeever wait to wear something for a special occasion,
I've always gotta crack it out early and ruin it for myself! Besides, "special" dresses should get worn after their occasion! If you love it so much, why not wear it everyday?
Therefore, I have unearthed my old prom dress, a lacy vintage thing I got for almost nothing, so I could wear it to work today (which, may I add, I have done several times).
I think it goes especially well with black and baby pink (like my ballet-coloured bun?), so I paired it with some Aldo platforms and old H&M jacket.
If only I were wearing a corsage!


  1. O, I love it! That dress is so pretty, and it looks great with the dark jacket

  2. i can attest to the prom-dress-at-work truth!!
    amazing everytime, pretty girl!

  3. I love this site! This is like cotton candy for the body. I adore your illustrations and your photos. Buttons in the teacups and bikes against the fence. Pretty pink haired girl behind the lace. The stuff that girls are MADE OF!