Wednesday, August 4, 2010

designer portrait series

Pink Tartan

I've been working on this designer portrait series thing for a while.... though I must admit it has been on the backburner as of late. I'm sticking to Canadian designers for this project, and I was trying to do a few lesser known labels that were just showing at FAT in Toronto. I finally scanned in some of the sketches and have been adding some touches of colour in Photoshop... still deciding whether I liked them better just left in black and white. Anyways, these are just a few in progress. Waddya think?

Ado Les Cents

Jessica Mary Clayton

David Dixon

Greta Constantine


  1. I love those illustrations, my personal favorite has to be the first one though.

  2. I think you need to forward this link to the designers is what I think. Brilliant.

  3. I think you're really good! your illustratins are amazing! For real! So go for it! good luck
    xoxo Jade

  4. Really Stef, this is what you should be doing. I'm so glad you are.

    Did you use those fancy markers? I love the inlines on the first one.

  5. these are so so good! love every one of them. the last one is so graceful.

    and thank you for the comment!
    yes the trip was absolutely incredible. this particular trip to italy was really transformative I think. spent a lot of time in forests and I was working at a holistic retreat centre (worked there last year as well) and for some reason this year was really different... a bit more epic! now I am working on a bunch of illustrations for a children's book on dreams - really exciting but the humidity here makes me feel like grape jelly and I end up falling asleep in the sunshine when I should be drawing!

    hope everything on your end is great!!! how have you been spending summer?