Thursday, June 17, 2010

brooke part 2

So Brooke has commissioned a little piece from me and I've been busy working on it all night... I only just looked at the clock to see that it's 10 30! Already!
The piece is lookin' good so far and I'm about to add a little background interest... perhaps a faded liberty print. But I must say that I just love those freckles!

I'm wearing a blouse I stole from sister that I believe she got in Kensington market for about 10 bucks! Also wearing a pin I bought at the Worn party, and my favouritest necklace: a dark purple enamel and gold Chanel that I got in Paris.

And I felt like snapping a lame picture of my new little vintage bag I got today beside my black Joe Fresh heels that have clearly been tossed off neglectfully after having been worn all day...

À plus tard mes amis


  1. very sweet painting, loving the freckles :)

  2. Stef, these are ace!! (I wanted to rip the lil one of me outta that scrapbook today it was so cute!

    (and you look purdy too!!

    (way to be embodying the OPPOSITE of "the secrets of idleness" or whatever that book was called. haha.

  3. i LOVE the freckles too! as a freckly girl myself :)

    what a beautiful blouse, and that necklace!! you lucky girl! i am so very jealous.