Tuesday, June 1, 2010

paper craving

via Unicorn Diaries

So I have been a bit obsessed with paper sculpture as of late...
Maybe it's my inner seven year old who yearns for the days of paper dolls, cutting out those tiny little perfect outfits and folding the tabs and all that meticulous work that tiny little seven year old hands seem to be so good at.
I've always been really interested in paper (maybe it's because I'm constantly drawing on it), but I never really looked into the ridiculously huge range of creative projects done with paper.
Once I started looking, I really couldn't stop! These are just a select few of my growing collection...
I feel inspired to create some sort of paper sculpture. Maybe an old-fashioned doll house with little paper dolls for grown-ups who miss fiddling around with teeny bits of paper (although I'd hardly call myself a 'grown-up')...
Anyways. Stay tuuuned

poems found in the pages of old books on Altered Books

Daniel Sean Murphy

Benign Objects

Graphic Exchange

via Twig and Thistle

Peter Callesen

all images via Paper Crave and Twig and Thistle


  1. i really dig the altered books thang. hmm. gona go check that link out..

  2. amazing post!!!
    hope you are doing really well!

    im not too good at staying in one place and now that i‘ve committed to going back to school i wanted to have one last big hurrah on my own.

    but it won‘t be long until we might run into each other at aboveground!

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