Wednesday, June 9, 2010

real life watercolours

I just fell upon these incredibly moving photographs by Susanna Majuri on Lancia Trend Visions.
The ambiguity of the images makes me think of a dream that you can't remember when you wake up in the morning: all strangeness and hazy mystery.
The soft bleeding colours and dark subject matter also remind of Pre-Raphaelite paintings... like Ophelia drowning herself in a lake littered with wilted flowers.
There's something about these that just makes me want to throw on a dark silky gown and run barefoot into a forest.
And besides all that, how the hell did she create these??? How are those stunning images projected so perfectly onto the surface of the water? Perhaps this is really obvious to you Photoshop wiz kids out there, but to me it is completely mysterious!

Anyways, I just love them. Somehow scary, somehow fascinating, somehow magical.