Wednesday, July 1, 2009

pinking out the day/dreaming in a crazy way

Some very fitting Sonic Youth lyrics as my blog title, since this is what I wore to their concert last night. It was honestly so amazing. Kim Gordon is so damn sexy! I hope my legs are that good when I'm 50!

I spent the weekend working at a Toronto designer sample sale, and I got this beautiful peach silk top from Carrie Hayes. I love how she left all the edges raw as well, it makes it look so simple and 'unstyled' in a way.
My hair is kind of a mess in the photos, but I got it done for the Toni & Guy 10th Anniversary hair show (it looked way better when they styled it haha). I had to walk down a runway wearing a pair of teensy little sequined underwear. It was mildly traumatizing.

Anyways.. so tired.. I feel like watching the Princess Bride for some reason... hmm

peach silk top, Carrie by Carrie Hayes; men's cardigan, H&M; shorts, Gap; vintage purse


  1. This top is gorgeous! And I just cannot get enough of your haircut....I really like it.

  2. that top is divine! beautiful.