Thursday, July 23, 2009

city in the clouds

Then me and my mum took a walk down to the water... so nice and misty today. Sometimes it's nice when it's overcast.

1 by you.

2 by you.

3 by you.

4 by you.

5 by you.
My mum's awesome bracelet!
6 by you.

7 by you.

Had such a lazy day today...
I've been having such a darn obnoxious craving for peanut butter cookies that I finally gave in and made a huuuuuge batch. Then I promptly ate half of them while lounging on the couch watching Breakfast at Tiffany's. I did do a teeny bit of work (I hope Esmé doesn't read this I'm supposed to be sewing haha).

8 by you.

9 by you.


  1. Gorgeous bracelet! Love those peep toes too!

  2. Steeeeffffffff! haha, don't worry - and those cookies look delish!!!

    I haven't got much work done yet either...I've set aside..the weekend. How cool are we? I mean really, doing out schmooing out! It's all about the staying home and stitching. (save me a cookie!


    Ps. Love your headband!

  3. Like your outfit =) Nice blog too!

  4. thank you loves!!

    ps esme, the cookies are GONE! my family is ridiculous

  5. love the french inspired outfit. tres chic! i had a lusting for some chocolate cupcakes earlier this week that i'm still trying to avoid...may have to give in....even though i find i usually eat so much of the batter immediately that i am over it once something actually comes out of the oven...

  6. that feather headband is adorable! i love the outfit--if you are looking for pastel colored brogues, try urban outfitters (that's where i got mine) and steve madden. they both have great options. xo,laura

  7. Thanks for taking the time to comment my blog, I really appreciate it!

  8. cute headpiece!!! and your mom looks cool!!


  9. Your photos are gorgeous. And your striped top is the perfect way to balance the destroyed denim!

  10. great and gorgeous photos!! great sky and i loveeee your headpiece.. xD

  11. I love feathered headbands..your one is so gorgeous with the white and black feathers!