Tuesday, July 21, 2009

things behind the sun

IMG_3338 by you.

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Playing around with the camera in my room today. It's rainy out, I'm bored of everything, and desperately craving peanut butter cookies.
Waiting for le bf to be done work, so we can go out for sushi and Harry Potter (whoo! so excited!)

I found this little silk skirt this morning, while I was doing my laundry (I love rediscovering clothes, don't you?). It's kind of funny, a pouffy gold silk bubble with teeny little sparkles all over it. It's almost too much for me, I only ever wear it with a simple tee of some sort. I like it with some leather too to make it a bit tougher.. The bracelets I'm wearing are vintage, one of them says "Odetta", even though that's not my name haha... I still love it. I kinda wanna get a bunch and wear them all at once!