Saturday, October 30, 2010

apple pickers

I apologize for my absence... school makes me incapable of having any energy left to post... (since uploading things onto the internet is soooo strenuous).

I've been working on a group project inspired by 1920's magazines and fashion journals, so I thought I'd post some of the amazing interiors of the famous La Gazette du Bon Ton.
I wish magazines still had beautiful painted pages like this! Why not? They're so stunningly executed, and creative and still manage to communicate the garments. So why is illustration dead? Must we all be confined to be graphic designers? Bane of my existence.

Here's my piece, inspired by the one above:


  1. I love Apple Pickers! And must say, find your question apropos. Why not illustration???

  2. love your take on the assignment. really nice.
    i know what you mean about school taking up energy... oh me oh my!
    how are your classes going??
    hope all is well on your end!