Sunday, October 3, 2010

the art of fashion

So last night was the Nuit Blanche Art of Fashion! So exciting, such a blur, so tired.... hence I am not capable of forming sentences and will just upload some of the photos my sister took from last night!

Watch the film I projected behind my display!
Filmed and edited by Michele Ayoub
Dancer Zoe Anderson-Jenkins
Makeup and hair by Natalie Kaine


  1. Stefanie ~ Thanks for the photos! I was there as one of the trunkshow exhibits and it was so hard to take it all in! I absolutely love the dress you were wearing and the one in the blog below, (the Sylphide dress). Best wishes!

  2. Stef, this absolutely amazes and delights me. I want to find a way to speak on the phone and hear all about your experiences at nuit blanche. The clothes and the whole concept look amazing. Great great video. I am watching it on silent in 20th century phil and wow. WOW> congratulations my dear !

  3. Patti- thanks for the kind words! I must agree, the whole night flew by in a blur... so much to see!

    Esme- you are just the sweetest!! i miss you so much, i hope you're having a fantastic time this year so far! Please call me whenever so we can talk! I want to send you another letter soon too.. do i have your new address?

  4. Stefanie - Your booth looks like it was so, so beautiful and professional! I was so very excited when I got my first glimpse of it (while at work) via your Dad's Facebook entry that afternoon. Torrin and I were in the area at 3 am and came by but everything was closed up and we missed it. I'm soooo sorry, I really wanted to support you. The concept of Michele's film looping continuously in the background of your booth was amazing and I love the photos fringing your booth area. Such an amazing experience and a beautifully well-thought out concept - truly lovely!

    Always your supporter and fan, I hope that you had an amazing evening (loved your dress and your designs).

    Love Sandy