Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the arctic wolf

Although I should really be working on an essay, instead I am enjoying a leisurely night of falafel, sketching, and book reading (just started Tess of the d'Urbervilles... finally...). Sometimes I really do take procrastination to new levels of brilliance, if I do say so myself.

Anyways, I have been keeping busy applying for competitions, so at least I can say that. Here's my sketch for the Telio Competition. This year's theme being the Great Canadian North, I chose to look to one of my long standing fascinations for inspiration: the arctic wolf.

Telio's fabrics this year included a cute little white faux-fur and a cream jersey rib-knit which I have decided to use for a body-con fur trimmed dress. I plan on including tan leather straps and tiny gold buckles to add some edge to all that white. And of course I had to throw in my pal the peter pan collar for some girlish charm... you know how it is.

Do you like my wolfie?

*just realized my technical says acrtic wolf, not arctic wolf! ha!


  1. thanks so much!!!
    i know - this weather is just the worst. to make things even better, I am sick!

    the prototypes were originally for a sculpture but it has taken a really different shape now - it has become completely abstracted but still retaining similar imagery. building cavitied lightboxes with the figures cut into wood - and the pieces of wood with the cutouts are laminated together and they will project the image onto another material.
    i don't even know if that was coherent.

    stay warm!! <3

  2. You know how to make me tick, wolf woman.