Friday, July 9, 2010

obsessed with givenchy

From my sad place behind a computer screen, I have been looking through the new couture collections, wishing I had some sort of magical ability to reach through the internet and actually touch some of these pieces. The tactile brilliance of Givenchy was especially alluring, and the fact that it was all done white on white somehow makes the various textures that much more exciting. Not to mention, as Susie Bubble recently pointed out on her blog, there are BACK VIEWS. Thank God for being able to see something more than a flat frontal. And a lot of the time, the back view is the more interesting of the two!
Anyways, I am enamored with this collection. The anatomical/skeletal references, the use of fringe to create crisp shapes, the gradated sheerness.... I hate to be boring, but it makes me think of a wedding dress I could actually wear...
Not that that's an issue anytime soon.


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