Monday, July 19, 2010

belle époque

So I've been busy researching for a new project I've set myself to do.... seems I keep adding things to my ever-growing list of projects. Who knows if any of them will ever see their final day?
This project is a mini collection for a competition based on the theme La Belle Époque, which just so happens to be one of my favourite periods in art! Can-can dancers hand in hand leaving the Moulin Rouge, fashionable ladies sipping brandy in Parisian cafés, all wonderful! But most of all, the soft, often bleeding, overlays of colours - matte pastel shades crosshatched to create a stunning and almost graphic effect.
This method of rough sketching has been influencing my little brain, and when I kept coming across Elle Rogers's work, I couldn't help but think they were contemporary versions of 19th century paintings.

Below, my Ellen Rogers inspired piece for the collection... I hope they all turn out well!

A more detailed piece for the collection...

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