Thursday, April 15, 2010

dear friend,

I must say it is a wonderful feeling to see yourself surrounded by talented people.
I am constantly astonished by the incredible creativity, insight, and all around amazingness of my super duper friends!
Here's a little tribute to my lovely girl, Katrina. What I love about her is that she's so soft-spoken and unpretentious and really truly nice, and she just floors me whenever she pumps out brilliant work like this!
Aside from being an awesome photographer, she does these whimsical little collages (which I still don't understand why I don't own one already...).
Anyways, she's been carrying around a crappy old camera from the nineties that looks about the size of a brick, and snappin' some new pics so I'm curious to see what she makes of that.
Here are just a few of her photos that I adore.

Here are a couple of me that she snapped a while ago.I'm wearing a delicate little embroidered cotton bracelet she made me for Christmas! It says Paris is Burning.


  1. such lovely photos!! wow! and I love the nail polish colour - I've been wearing a lot of grey nail polish as well! I also really love the embroidered bracelet!

    & thank you for the comment! I went to OCAD for a year, and then decided I needed to be living abroad and exploring the world - so I took 2 years to adventure and now I am ready to go back! as for shows in toronto, I haven't had any here recently - this year most of the shows I've participated in were abroad, but now that I am going to be back in toronto for the long-term there are some prospects, and hopefully more will unfold in the future so I will keep you updated!

    hope all is well!

  2. totally agree, these pics are amazing, they have that something so special and full of beauty!
    nice blog!

  3. sorry for the late response.. it has been a computer free weekend!
    i'm currently in the faculty of art & switching to the design faculty is easier if I pick material arts & design as my major and illustration as my minor. i'm definitely excited about both though!
    i'm sure we will run into each other at a show! and there is even a possibility we have even been at the same show in the past!