Thursday, April 19, 2012

in print

I had to post this exquisitely fabulous editorial shoot featuring one of my pieces! It was an entry for Ryerson's Flare Competition, and was a runner-up for the grand prize (although in my opinion it should have won.... not that I'm biased....).

I have always admired Hannah's work as a photographer and was secretly hoping her team would pull one of my looks, and I love Melissa's makeup artistry - we actually worked together on a shoot a while ago when I was the model.
My dress is the one on the left with the leather belt, the dress in the center is an amazing cut leather piece by Yvonne Lin, and the dress on the right is a crocheted lace piece by Monica Saraguro. Extremely talented girls.

The shoot was edited by Andrea Leask and Paris Nightingale
Photographed by Hannah Chung
Hair by Morgan Inniss
Makeup by Melissa Leslie

I personally love the little neon socks with the dresses, I wish every high school girl dressed this awesome.

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  1. Amazing Job! So exiting!! I am sure that it is the culmination of a lot of hard work!