Sunday, April 10, 2011

in progress: deformities

some in progress pieces for an upcoming art show..
keep em' black and white? or traces of watercolour? still can't decide, help me!


  1. i really like them in black and white!

  2. they look great in black and white but if you were to use colour definitely do traces. a single colour for each would look great maybe a deep purple or red, something that looks bruised or damaged

  3. you are amazing!
    I love these! when is your show?

    sorry it took so long for me to respond to your comment. I'm a little bit (a lot) ridiculous and am doing way more work than I need to be doing for my printmaking final tomorrow.
    At the moment, I don't have anything coming up in the city. I'm doing more work abroad at the moment... but I hope that changes soon as I'm starting to let myself give toronto more of a chance.

    keep me updated though on your show!

    & again, I really like this!

  4. wow! Ok, I may still be at school working on my final printmaking project but I will absolutely try my best to come by! In any event, I hope it goes well and I'm sure your work looks wonderful!
    If for some reason this evening doesn't work out, we'll have to find another opportunity to meet - as I agree, it would be lovely to finally meet you!

  5. Love these ... I think a little trace of colour ... just a smear or an interesting shadow ... just a touch ... Love Sandy