Tuesday, January 4, 2011

what i want to wear right now

garance doré (?)

park and cube

clever nettle

stockholm streetstyle

When I go up to my room to "work" on a project, this is what I am actually doing...

Now that Christmas is over, I'm eager for spring florals, lace, sheer fabrics, and bare legs again! It's a new year, why can't it be a new season already?
I have decided to chop off all my hair in homage to the new year and in anticipation of my new spring clothes! Can't wait til they start shipping into the store... unpacking those magical boxes is just like Christmas all over again!

Well, I'm gonna try and squeeze in as much wintry goodness tomorrow on my last day off...
I smell a hot chocolate

Oh and stay tuned for the new hair...


  1. love these pics that you chose, especially the first 3. do you know what collection the 2nd picture is from?

  2. i wish i could remember! i believe it is from a designer that showed at melbourne fashion week.