Tuesday, September 14, 2010

sweatshop stef

So I've been selected as a top ten finalist for Nuit Blanche's Art of Fashion competition!! Whoohooo!
Hence, my room has now turned into a sweatshop, littered with teacups, yards of tulle, and hundreds of pins hiding dangerously in my carpet. My parents have actually started referring to me as Sweatshop Stef. Nice.

Since I still have to go to school and make myself look presentable, here is my outfit for today:

Vintage silk blouse, Mango jeans, vintage jewelery, random leopard shoes.


  1. Good job! Now clean your room. ;)

  2. ackkkkkkk your hair!
    your blouse= I WANT.

    stef- that top you made, it is GORGEOUS. ah. you are a dream. i see big things.

  3. top is off the hook!!!! Dig your hair and style fo sho! Super rad!

  4. wow wow!! congratulations!! So unbelievably excited for you! the top is stunning - can't wait to see more!!
    & you look beautiful!
    sending warm wishes from germany!

  5. The fabrics for your collection all look gorgeous - so excited for you Stef!!! Funny - something in the last photo of you takes me right back to photos of you as a little girl -it captured something.
    So proud of you!
    Love Sandy